Manufacturing Facilities

Untitled-1India Foods, manufacturing unit is based at Rajpipla, Gujarat – a picturesque town located between the cities of Baroda and Ankleshwar.

The Co. follows FSSAI guidelines as issued by the FDA, Foods Dept. situated at Bharuch and has an Approved FSSAI Certificate for Manufacturing its products.

The plant is spread on a huge sprawling 6 acres of plot and is a dedicated facility for manufacturing amongst other foods and beverages – sweeteners of different kinds – in tablets, sachets and granules. Besides Sweeteners – there are also different types of Ready to Drink – Instant Powdered Beverages – like – Iced Teas’s, Chocolate Drinks,Fruit Flavor Drinks, Instant Tender Coconut Water Concentrate Powder and Lemonades.

All RM and PM at India Foods – are choosen and approved from Pre-Approved Vendors.

Right from the time of Purchasing of Raw and Packing material from the approved list of vendors, does the Q.C at the plant issues clearances towards incoming material and only once cleared that the materials are towed into the respective RM and PM stores.

Stores: The stores at the plant are divided into three zones :
Raw Material Stores
Packing Material Stores
A/C Stores – again split into RM and PM stores.

For storing temperature sensitive Raw Materials as well as for storing Foils. There is a separate Quarantine Area for Rejected material or Material under Hold or Uncleared material.

Manufacturing Section: To manufacture any batch, the Co. follows an Inhouse designed Batch Manufacturing Record ( BMR) that has to be issued – once dispensing operations are completed in presence of IPQC team , material is dispatched for production.

The production team goes thru the various processes of Granulation, Sifting, Mixing,Milling, etc. as the case may be for its products. At every stage yield calculations are carried out, standard input output procedure norms are followed and QC issues an In-process release for the batch to proceed to the next level of manufacturing.The Co. uses equipments like – Fluid Bed Dryer, Drum mixers of 50 kg, 100kg and 200kg capacity, blenders, mass mixers of 200kg capacity, sifters, tray-dryer, etc.For blending different Powders and Granules.

Once in the next level – like – Compression –in case of tablets or Filling – in case of sachets – line clearance is obtained from QC and only then the next stage commences.

Currently the Co. is equipped with three Tablet Compression machines:

1) 16 station rotary – Cadmach Machine and
2) 27 station Double Rotary – Stokes, UK machine
3) 27 station Double Rotary – Bombay Eng Wrks

All these three machines makes the compression section very fast enabling to deliverabout 10 lakhs tablets per 8 hr. shift.

Similarly incase of Sachet based products, once the granules are manufactured and cleared by the IP/QC the granules are sent for filling in sachets.

The Co. has about 6 Sachet filling machines – that can pack a variety of powder fills.The FFS machines for sweetners can pack 0.5g sachets to 1gm sachet. A larger quantity sachet fill is also possible – upto 12gms, 14gms and 25gms.

1) FFS Machines – 3 no’s . – Three side Seal Machine
2) FFS Machines – 2 no’s – Center Seal Machine
3) FFS Machines – 1 no. – Center seal – Nitrogen Pack Enable Machine

Packing Department: Packing of numeric items is done with counters – so there are no shortfalls – along with volumetric counts – to avoid any kind of shortages. Before the final packing Semi Finish Product release is obtained from the QC and again at the packing lines – sorting and physical checking is done.

There are two separate Packing Halls – to facilitate 2 separate products for packingwithout the risk of contamination or mixing of the products.

Both Halls are equipped individually to handle Sachet or Granules or Tablet PVC BlisterPacking.

Once goods are packed and cleared for Dispatch, they are then sent to the Dispatch Room, from where Goods are loaded for their intended destination.