Antioxidant Iced Teas

Ice-Tea Sucralose

090611_1307609084iced_teaLeveraging on our wide expertise and skills, we are renowned as one of the mosyprofound manufacturers and exporters of Instant Ice Tea Premix. Our range of ice tea is easy to prepare and one of the best stress buster. At our premises, we have packed wide variety of Flavored Iced Teas as per client’s requirements. We have formulated different flavors to meet the varied taste of the clients. Our teams of experts have tested it on certain parameters to ensure the quality of it.

Lemon, Ginger, Orange and Peach Iced Teas

India Foods range of Iced Teas is available in lemon, ginger, orange and peach. Our Iced tea is rich in antioxidants and gives us an opportunity to make a wonderfully refreshing real-tea drink- it’s the perfect way to rebalance during a busy day.
Completely instant, just add water and ice. Using an iced tea is the easiest and most effective way to brew. A tall glass of iced tea is so refreshing that most people make it up by the pitcher to sip on all day.
It is available as individual cup serve as well as bulk packs of 1kg and above to serve multiple personnel.